About SwipeCraft
Swipecraft is a upcoming minecraft community.
It's easy to join and we support cracked minecraft.
SwipeCraft is online since 31 May 2013.
There is a small eco-community with a shop and the ability to buy in-game kits.
About the kits : Kits are a package of item's you can obtain every day.
You can buy kits with in-game cash or the real green cash.
Also there is a possibility to buy a rank where are you can get special donator commands.
With donator or more you can go to the DZone by typing /NWarp DZone.
We are not going to say much about the DZone but there is a public end portal.
Griefing is allowed just like raiding.
PvP is activated all around the world but not the in the spawn.
You can start PvP by warping to /warp pvp.
If you want to protect your house or area you can make a faction.
About factions : A faction is a group of players where you can join in and share items and buildings with each other.
You can quikly generate a faction by the command /f create [NAME]. If you have more questions about faction you can
always typ /faction help of /f help.

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